Landscape photography gives all of us a different perspective of the natural environment we live in. it reminds us of our connection to the world and prompts us to pause every so often, to take a breath and remind ourselves of this fact. Landscape photography focuses on spaces within the world, capturing natural phenomena as well as the disturbance that man-made activities have had on nature. These images could either cover microscopic spaces or vast areas of the world. Landscape photography can be divided into three distinct types. Representational photographs are the most natural and realistic while impressionistic landscapes have a subdued sense of reality. Lastly, abstract photographs use components of the landscape as graphic ones. In the three types of landscape photography, one of the major differences is the aspect on which the photographer focuses.

Landscape photography plays an important role in telling a story, showing the viewer more than they can see, sharing the feelings of a moment and reminding people of the beauty of the world we live in.