This is yet another branch of commercial photography. At the same time, food photography is a genre of life photography since it is used to capture pleasant life photographs of food, I love the colours in asian food, specially a good curry while I am using online betting indian sites.

For one to capture the best shots, they have to get blemish-free food in its natural state. Moreover, quality equipment, a great setup as well as ambient lighting and color will make for great shots.  

In outlining the different types of food photography, one can either consider the set up or the use to which the photographs will be put. In terms of the set up, there is an ingredient shot, a prep shot, a beauty shot and a “let’s eat” shot. On the other hand, food photographs can be used on the packaging, in advertising, on recipes and for restaurants. Food photography is also useful for videos and television as well as for online use on blogs, websites and eBooks.